Weapons and International Rule of Law

The XXXIX Round Table on current issues of International Humanitarian Law, jointly organised by the International Institute of Humanitarian Law and the International Committee of the Red Cross, will take place in Sanremo from 8th to 10th September 2016.

Over the years, the Sanremo Round Tables have become a major forum for informal reflection and fruitful debate on humanitarian issues involving high representatives of Governments and International Organisations, scholars and practitioners from all over the world. The event always receives notable interest from the international community and intellectual circles in Italy and abroad and in recent years has gathered more than 300 participants on each occasion.

This year, the Sanremo Round Table will focus on the topical issue of “Weapons and International Rule of Law”. International humanitarian law makes clear that the choice of weapons used by parties to a conflict is not unlimited.

The 2016 Sanremo Round Table will focus on issues regarding the application of the law on weapons and the international rule of law. It will consider best practice in applying the legal prohibition on weapons of a nature to cause superfluous injury or unnecessary suffering. It will also cover the question of weapons reviews, particularly in the light of the increasing pace of technologies become more and more relevant. In 2016 the ICRC is bringing out further guidance on conducting these reviews. The Round Table will discuss why so few States comply with their obligation under Article 36 of Additional Protocol 1 to conduct such reviews. How can they be encouraged to do so and how can the ICRC, International for a and civil society contribute to this process? What procedures should be followed?