Competition on IHL for Military Academies

The 18th edition of the Institute’s traditional and prestigious IHL Competition for Military Academies is currently taking place in Sanremo.
This event exposes young military cadets, coming from all over the world and hence possessing different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, to a unique international forum.

The Competition gathers the Officer Cadets from 20 top military academies from France, Germany, Georgia, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malawi, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, UK and USA.

Participants are encouraged to acquire an early appreciation of the critical importance of IHL in a multinational military operation and its application within the context of a contemporary armed conflict. An initial phase of interactive lectures on various aspects of IHL was followed by practical sessions where the participants were split up into multi-national mixed teams to work on practical cases of relevance to the application of IHL in different operational scenarios.