Emergent Issues Workshop

A workshop designed to update International Humanitarian Law practitioners in recent and forthcoming developments, and to serve as a forum to examine key current operational legal issues.

Sanremo, 6-9 June 2016


Maintaining appropriately trained personnel is not only necessary to meet treaty obligations and national professional regulatory authority requirements, but is also essential for operational success. The Emergent Issues Workshop (EIW) is a new IIHL initiative for 2016 which is designed to update International Humanitarian Law (IHL) practitioners in recent and forthcoming IHL developments, and to serve as a forum to examine key current operational legal issues.

As the nature of operations evolve, the application of IHL and challenges to that law will also evolve. As a leading provider of IHL training to armed forces, IIHL also understands the cyclical posting/assignment system employed by many armed forces necessitates the periodic requirement to update legal officers in IHL appointments. To establish the contents and requirements of the training update the Institute in conjunction with over 100 sending states, other major stakeholders and leading academics has sought to identify key areas where there are actual or anticipated changes in the law or where there is uncertainty and therefore potential operational legal risk.

The first part of the EIW therefore serves as both an IHL update and to also improve legal situational awareness (SA) of the direction of travel in various aspects of IHL where there may be operational impact.

The “update & SA” aspect of the EIW covers:

  • Substantive & proposed changes in treaty law.
  • Key court decisions & jurisprudence trends.
  • State Practice update.
  • Manuals & significant stakeholder projects status update.

The second part of the EIW provides a deeper examination of emerging IHL issues either currently facing deployed armed forces or of potential near future operational impact. The issues discussed have been identified by a wide variety of armed forces from around the world, academics and other leading sources as being of current operational interest.

The discussion of the subjects are conducted at an informal, working level, examining both the apparent and implied issues from an practical operational practitioner perspective. Discussion will elaborate both present thinking and also serve to illuminate actual or potential interoperability issues. Sessions will be facilitated by leading military and civilian practitioners assisted by academic subject matter experts (SMEs). In addition to the formal aspects of the course, the EIW provides an opportunity for IHL practitioners to meet and discuss matters of common interest amongst peers and SMEs alike.

The EIW is conducted in English at an UNCLAS level but under Chatham House rules.

IIHL recognizes the fundamental importance of offering operational law practitioners coherent and relevant training in an ever more complex and public area of law. EIW is designed to support those who face the most difficult of legal challenges in an informed, multi-national and neutral environment. We look forward to seeing you in Sanremo at the EIW.

Key Facts

What is it?
A continuing professional development update course for IHL Practitioners, trainers, and legal policy staff.

Who is it for?
Military and Civilian IHL practitioners, trainers and legal policy staff who have a good base understanding of IHL, and who require updating with key IHL developments in order to remain current. For potential participants who require either core teaching or specialist training, IIHL offers a comprehensive range of courses to meet these particular needs.

How often is it run?
Annually, in June.

When is the next workshop?
June 2016, in Sanremo, Italy.

How much is it?
€800.00 per person includes all materials, airport transfers, lunches, ice breaker, and course dinner.

Nearest Airport?
Nice, France (45 minute drive).

Queries on the course including registration and administrative questions should be directed to Ms Patrizia Di Pietro at patrizia@iihl.org.

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