Peace Support Operations Online Course (PSO)

Online, 15 March – 16 April

The aim of this course is to prepare civilian and military staff augmentees for Peace Support Operations (PSOs) by examining a wide range of legal issues underpinning PSO mandates and mission design which shape and govern the conduct of operations of the deployed force.

Overall Objectives

The key overarching teaching objectives of the course are to understand:

  • The range and nature of PSOs and their historical development;
  • The legal boundaries of UN Security Council authorizations approving PSOs;
  • The role in PSOs of the UN, of regional organizations such as the AU, of regional security forces such as the ASF, and other organizations and troop-contributing nations;
  • The necessity to plan and prepare for various mission specific contingencies, including managing issues with displaced persons, refugees and IDPs;
  • The use of force, in PSOs.

Target audience

The course is designed for civilian and military staff augmentees to PSOs, planning staffs and their advisors; personnel who work in or with ministries of defence, foreign affairs, interior, or law enforcement; personnel working in international organisations, non-governmental organisations etc and/or missions of the UN and any of the regional organisations.

Teaching Staff

IIHL teaching staff and facilitators are drawn from experienced senior military officers, leading academics, practicing lawyers and senior government officials practising in the field together with experts from IOs and NGOs.


The online training will adapt the standard Sanremo methodology of presentations and practical work taking advantage of the recently developed IIHL online learning platform. The programme will integrate live sessions, and practical exercise and case studies. Attendees will have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the subject through self-paced study followed by live working groups and plenary sessions with the teaching staff. The course will run over five weeks with two live sessions of 120 minutes each week and self-paced working between live sessions. Study materials and texts will be available on the Institute Online Learning Platform.

Technical tips

The online course is hosted on the Institute’s Online Learning Platform, accessible via the Institute’s website at (select “Courses”>“Online Courses”), or directly through the following URL

Communication software:
The live sessions of the course will be delivered through Zoom, downloadable at


The course will be run in English and reasonable language proficiency is required. There will not be simultaneous translation.


The official Certificate will be released to participants who attend the course in full (including live and self-paced sessions).

Application process

Officers and practitioners interested in attending this course are invited to apply by submitting the application form they can find on this webpage.

Deadline for applications: 5th March 2021.

Participation quota amounts to € 750. It must be remitted before the start of the Course by bank transfer. Visa and/or Mastercard are also accepted on the website of the Institute.

For any additional information, please contact Ms Patrizia Di Pietro at