Targeting: Terrestrial, Cyber & Space

Sanremo, 4-7 October 2016

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This four day targeting workshop is an intensive training designed for experienced military/civilian legal advisers, Military targeteers and planners, Officers and those from Government or International organisations with a sound knowledge of either IHL/LOAC or targeting operations. Academics and students with an interest in developing a deeper understanding of the subject area are also very welcome to attend. Given the relatively short length of the workshop, it is assumed participants will already have a sound knowledge of IHL/LOAC principles and rules and be able to apply these in a practical context.

Professor Françoise Hampson and Air Commodore (r) Wiliam Boothby, both renowned experts in IHL and HRL generally and specifically in targeting, have kindly assisted the Institute in designing the workshop syllabus in order to focus on specific aspects of targeting in old and new environments. The workshop curriculum features this year an number of additions such as the study of the impact of HRL on TGTing operations or that of the potential effect the latest technologies (nano and meta-materials being an example) also may have. As well as an eminent faculty of academic speakers, many sessions also include experienced military operators. Via contemporary case studies these speakers will provide the practical perspective to the consideration of each issue. Maximum time is allocated throughout the workshop for question and answer sessions in order to maximise the interaction between participants and speakers with a view to promoting a rich and varied debate.

Topics will be covered using a plenary based approach complemented with some practical exercises designed to test the participant’s ability to find outcome oriented solutions through the application of the relevant IHL/HRL case being provisions and doctrine. Maximum participation is encouraged since we believe the sharing of differing national and cultural experiences and approaches will aid in a better understanding of the multi-national challenge and in developing innovative and practical ways to apply both the spirit of and obligations created under IHL/HRL. Tentative solutions will be offered to workshop exercises.

Administrative information
The registration fee is 800 Euro. This should be remitted before the start of the course, or on arrival in cash or Euro currency cheque. Visa and/or Mastercard are accepted. The registration fee covers: