Training of civilians and military personnel

Every year, the Institute organises basic courses, training courses, and advanced courses in the field of international humanitarian law, human rights, refugee law and migration law for military personnel, government officials, diplomats, experts, representatives of International and Non governmental Organisations, and students from all over the world. These courses, which are organised in collaboration with international institutions and countries interested, are taught in various languages (French, English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and Russian) by qualified teachers of different nationalities, who use a multidisciplinary and practical approach.

"de Mulinen" sponsorship programme

The Swiss Armed Forces are committed to the dissemination of International Humanitarian Law and with this in mind they launched the "de Mulinen Sponsorship Programme" to enable deserving persons to participate in military courses organised by the International Institute of Humanitarian Law, Sanremo.

Colonel Frédéric de Mulinen gave valuable service to the Swiss Armed Forces. Since the late seventies he had constantly committed himself to disseminating and implementing the policy of the modern law of war and he may be considered the "father" of the operationally-based IHL instruction which influenced entire generations of officers.

Col. de Mulinen created and developed a specific learning platform at the Sanremo Institute for teaching officers from different countries and with different cultural background the modern law of war. He largely contributed to creating a special environment that provided practical instruction of military mission accomplishment in compliance with the provisions of International Humanitarian Law.