Training in IHL-LOAC

The Institute organises an annual programme of courses and workshops in International Humanitarian Law (IHL) - Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC). They are designed for a diverse, international and multi-cultural audience, with participation welcomed from military personnel, government officials, diplomats, experts, representatives of non-governmental organisations and students from around the world. Our courses, often conducted in collaboration with interested international institutions and countries, are taught in various languages (English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Russian and Portuguese).

Encouraging the development of knowledge and training in International Humanitarian Law (also known as the Law of Armed Conflict - LOAC), the Institute structures this training in three tiers, each building on the former and all emphasising the practical application of IHL.

Tier 1:  Foundation courses - aimed at personnel with a need for a practical introduction to the Law of Armed Conflict

Tier 2: Advanced courses and specialised courses - aimed at personnel with a need for an enhanced understanding of the practical application of the Law of Armed Conflict with particular needs for IHL training on specific subjects.

Tier 3:  Contemporary Workshops on IHL - aimed at leading military experts and academics to discuss the key challenges in a specific area of IHL.

Training comprises both seminar style presentations and practical exercises desgined to enhance each participant's knowledge and facilitate the sharing of different national approaches and best practice. The programme of specialised courses has been set up to address important current issues in the development of IHL. These events bring together leading practitioners and academics in a discussion-based approach and offer a cutting-edge perspective on key topics.

Our teaching staff includes experts in their field and come from a diverse range of nationalities led by the Director of the Military Department (Colonel James Johnston, British Army). They are drawn from highly motivated and experienced currently serving/practising military officers and academics teaching in the relevant discipline. Using a multidisciplinary, interactive approach they focus on the practical application of the subject matter. All of our courses are subject to rigorous review for their content and for their relevance by a Training Advisory Board comprised of senior members of the Institute's teaching staff.