SANREMO 18-22 June 2018

The course is jointly organized by the International Institute of Humanitarian Law  in collaboration with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the International Disaster Law Project, the Italian Red Cross and the EU Jean Monnet Module on “International and European Disaster Law” Roma Tre University.

The course on International Disaster Law (IDL) offers participants an opportunity to analyse one of today’s most important legal challenges: the prevention and management of natural and man-made disasters. Lectures will be delivered by distinguished speakers including Eduardo Valencia-Ospina (former Special Rapporteur of the ILC on the Protection of Persons in the Event of Disasters and current ILC Member), representatives of relevant international and national actors involved in IDL, such as the IFRC, WHO and IOM and distinguished academics with a specific research focus on International Disaster Law.

The programme seeks to offer a comprehensive overview of the main practical, diplomatic and military issues related to the legal aspects of disaster prevention and management activities. Topics will be covered using a plenary-based approach complemented by practical exercises designed to test the participants’ ability to find outcome oriented solutions through the application of relevant IDL provisions. The course is tailored towards practitioners (e.g. staff of civil protection departments; staff of Red Cross and Red Crescent societies; NGOs) involved in disaster management; graduate and post-graduate students with an interest in International Disaster Law and Humanitarian issues; and professionals with an academic background in the areas of law, security studies, international relations, humanitarian assistance or other related fields, eager to expand their knowledge on International Disaster Law.

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