Sanremo, 16-19 April 2019 

Statelessness remains a global challenge affecting every part of the world, with a particular impact on children. Worldwide, 10 million people are stateless. As part of UNHCR’s Global Action Plan to End Statelessness, UNHCR in partnership with the International Institute of International Humanitarian Law (IIHL) is launching its third Arabic statelessness course from 16-19 April 2019 in Sanremo, Italy. The Institute is a premier centre for training on international law and a long-standing partner of UNHCR. This course was offered in English in prior years, and has been widely attended by government counterparts worldwide. This year’s Arabic course is designed specifically for government officials in MENA countries.

The objectives of the proposed 4-day Arabic course on statelessness are to:

  • Increase the participants’ ability to better address the phenomenon of statelessness, including by refreshing their knowledge of key concepts, causes of statelessness, and main international and regional standards.
  • Encourage the sharing of good practices among participants on how to reduce and prevent statelessness and protect stateless persons.
  • Promote the use and the implementation of UNHCR’s Global Action Plan to End Statelessness within 10 years as part of the #IBelong Campaign

At the end of the course participants should be able to define who is stateless, analyze the causes and consequences of statelessness, identify gaps and discrimination in nationality laws and participate in designing national action plans for the prevention and reduction of statelessness and protection of stateless persons.

Administrative information
Participation quota amounts to € 650. It must be remitted before the start of the course by bank transfer or, at the latest, upon arrival in cash or Euro currency cheque. Visa and/or Mastercard are also accepted either on the website or at the Institute.  

Please consult the FAQs for further information. 

Queries on the course registration and administrative questions should be directed to Ms Patricia Panizzi at: panizzi@iihl.org. deadline to subscribe 28 February 2019.