1st Online Summer Course on IHL

1st Online Summer Course on IHL

For the very first time the Summer Course on IHL, this year in its 20th edition, will be held online on the Institute’s e-learning platform.

The course will present some of the crucial issues of International Humanitarian Law and will provide an overview of the International Refugee Law, Human Rights and International Criminal Law, trying to clarify the application of these bodies of law in the context of conflict and humanitarian operations. 

International high-level specialists and world-wide renowned experts will provide the participants with an in-depth view of these subjects, both in the theoretical and practical aspects.

Draft Programme of the course.

Throughout interactive presentations, Q&A sessions, and exercises based on practical cases, the Summer Course will offer participants the relevant instruments to better analyse the current conflict situations and humanitarian scenarios. 

Some resources will be made available by the teaching staff of the course on the Institute’s online resource library. The library includes relevant international treaties and instruments of international law, academic papers, documents on the practice of States, international organizations and NGOs, which constitute useful and complementary materials to the course’s live sessions.

Visit the Summer Course webpage here

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