22nd Summer Course on International Humanitarian Law – Online from 1-15 July 2022

During the last two weeks, from 1 to 15 July 2022, the Institute held online the 22nd Summer Course on International Humanitarian Law. 

Throughout the course, 27 participants, connected from 16 different countries of the world and including both practitioners and students, had the chance to engage in insightful discussions with world-renowned practitioners, experts and academics.

The online lectures (26 in total) aimed at deepening the participants’ knowledge of IHL, international refugee law and human rights law, through a comprehensive approach to the different issues concerning their complementary application in armed conflicts and other humanitarian crises.

Among other subjects, the sessions analysed the topical legal aspects of the qualification of armed conflict, the implementation measures of IHL, the legal representation of victims of war crimes and crimes against humanity, the armed non-State actors and the relevant IHL provisions, the role of NGOs in IHL implementation, the trafficking in persons and smuggling of migrants, the mandate of UNHCR and protection in the field, the interplay of IHL, human rights law and refugee law during armed conflicts.

The closing ceremony was chaired by Professor Edoardo Greppi, President of the Institute and Professor Michel Veuthey, Director of the Summer Course and currently Associate Professor at Webster University.

Looking forward to the next edition of the Summer Course, the Institute thanks all the participants, speakers, facilitators and contributors of this year’s edition.