45<sup>th</sup> and 46<sup>th</sup> Advanced Course on IHL in English and French

45th and 46th Advanced Course on IHL in English and French

Last week, going from Monday, 16th to Friday 20th May 2022, the Military Department had organised the Advanced Course on International Humanitarian Law both in English and in French. Over the last five days more than 40 experienced participants coming from different countries such as Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Brazil, Mexico, Israel, and Oman engaged in extensive and fruitful discussions. This year’s edition examined in depth current topics such as the categorization of conflicts, use of force, detention, targeting, direct participation in hostilities, war in cyberspace, the use of autonomous weapons and human rights and accountability.

The high standard of the Advanced Course is obtained not only by the demanding subject matters, but especially thanks to a very qualified and competent teaching staff, composed of distinguished experts in their respective field of work.

Organized each year in May, these courses are an important opportunity for the Military Department to recall its continuous commitment to the dissemination of the Law of War, at a time when respect for its rules is proving to be of a significant relevance.

Group picture of both courses
45th Advanced Course
46ème Cours Avancé

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