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Since its foundation, the International Institute of Humanitarian Law, in the context of its institutional and statutory objectives of training, research and dissemination of the provisions in force in the various areas of international humanitarian law, has organized an annual September Round Table on Current Issues of International Humanitarian Law which is regularly held in Sanremo.

47th Sanremo Round Table on Current Issues of IHL

The 47th Sanremo Round Table on Current Issues of IHL, traditionally organised in cooperation with the International Committee of the Red Cross,
will focus on

"From the Battle of Solferino of 1859 to the Geneva Conventions of 1949:
Challenges and Future Prospects of International Humanitarian Law"

This year, the Round Table will be held at Villa Ormond, Sanremo (Italy), on 12-13 September 2024 in a hybrid format, with live broadcasting online.

The Round Table, with the participation of high-level international experts and practitioners, will delve into the historical continuum from the Battle of Solferino to the codification of GCs in 1949, exploring the transformative journey of IHL between these key occurrences, fostering a deeper understanding of the development of IHL over time, and acknowledging the importance of humanitarian principles to shape the landscape of modern conflict resolution and strengthen the protection of vulnerable populations.

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