Cooperation between the International Institute of Humanitarian Law and the Brazilian Army

Since 2013, the Sanremo Institute and the Brazilian Army started a valuable cooperation, providing experts and high-level IHL practitioners to facilitate the approach with the Portuguese-speaking and Spanish-speaking military institutions. 

Col. Bittencourt Cavalcanti, who played a crucial role all along the seven-year cooperation, was seconded by the Brazilian Armed Forces in 2019 to become part of the IIHL permanent staff as a Training Officer within the Institute’s Military Department. Col. Bittencourt Cavalcanti provided support in the development of special training activities of the Institute, with particular regard to the special online training course organized within the framework of the Third National Action Plan, in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 1325 (2000), of the  Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

The Institute sincerely thanks the Brazilian Army for its constant and valuable contribution in the field of teaching and dissemination of IHL and express its warm and deep gratitude to Col. Bittencourt Cavalcanti who will certainly remain a true friend and a dedicated associate of the Institute.