Latinoamérica, con sus diferencias y similitudes, conforma una extensa y rica región que presenta escenarios con características únicas que la separan y diferencian del resto del orbe y que, por tanto, demanda en algunos aspectos un particular tratamiento por parte del Instituto.

Based on the  successful collaboration with the Institut de la Paix et du Développement (IdPD) of the Université Cote d’Azur (France), which has provided specific post-graduate programmes on IHL and Refugee Law since 2005, the Institute is offering a Diploma in International Humanitarian Law.

Within this Sanremo-Geneva summer school, practitioners, academics and experts in IHL will work together with participants to foster the promotion and the implementation of International Humanitarian Law, International Human Rights law, and all the other related rules governing today’s armed conflicts.

Every year, the course on International Disaster Law offers to its participants a unique opportunity to analyse one of today’s most important legal challenges: the prevention and management of natural and man-made disasters.