International Humanitarian Law and Law of Armed Conflict

Since 1976, the Institute, in collaboration with the ICRC, governments and other relevant organizations, has designed and offered specific training programmes open to military and civilians, with the aim of fostering the development of knowledge of international humanitarian law. These programmes focus on delivering practical and experience-based instruction, supported by exercises and case studies thus reinforcing the participant’s understanding. The programmes also ensure a unique environment offering a diverse, challenging and stimulating international perspective where participants from all over the world can exchange views.
Online Courses on IHL
In view of the global emergence of COVID-19, the Institute has developed an online platform for the delivery of distance training courses. This new platform will undoubtedly be a valuable complement to the traditional face-to-face courses offered by IIHL.
Foundation Courses on LOAC and IHL
The general aim of these category of courses is to provide military officers, including operators and military lawyers, as well as civilians, with the opportunity to learn how to apply the principles and rules of international humanitarian law (IHL) and the Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC).
Advanced Courses on IHL
These intensive courses are specifically designed for experienced military/civilian legal advisers, military officers and those from Government or International Organisations with an in depth knowledge of IHL/LOAC.
Specialised Courses on IHL
Our specialised courses are conceived to get in-depth in the analysis of IHL. These courses deal with IHL for training directors, as well as on its application to peace support operations, detention, targeting, rules of engagement and naval operations.
Competition for military academies
The Academies’ Competition provides teams of 3 Officer Cadets from the top military academies from around the world with an early appreciation of the critical importance of humanitarian law in multi-national military operations.
International Human Rights Law Training Course
Designed and created in collaboration between the ICRC Police and Gendarmerie advisers of FAS and the IIHL, this course covers the development and application of International Human Rights Law (IHRL). Whilst primarily directed at the responsibility and accountability of police and gendarmerie, this course will be of value to all participants interested in the IHRL compliant maintenance of law and order in situations of domestic disturbance. It covers the use of force, police powers and detention through a human rights perspective. It also examines the use of codes of conduct for law and enforcement officials and the development of compliance mechanisms.