The importance and the role of culture have risen significantly in recent years, mainly due to the emergence of new forms of conflicts and to the intensification of natural disasters. This situation has brought the international community to intensify its efforts towards a global response with regard to the protection of cultural property and community identity, as well as the control of illicit trafficking and activities in crisis and post-crisis scenarios.

In this context, the Master in Cultural Property Protection in Crisis Response is designed for a mixed target of civilians and military professionals with expertise in armed conflict and disaster scenarios, and those operating in post-conflict or post-disaster recovery situations.

The Master aims at preparing future generations of professionals with a multidisciplinary background in the field of protection of cultural property in times of crisis by consolidating their capacities to enhance the role of culture in addressing social reconciliation and economic recovery of affected areas.



The Master is organized by the Interdepartmental University School for Strategic Sciences (SUISS) of the University of Turin, in collaboration with the Italian Army Education and Training Command and School of Applied Military Studies, the Carabinieri Command for the Protection of Cultural Heritage, the Conservation and Restoration Centre “La Venaria Reale”, and the International Institute of Humanitarian Law.

Thanks to the techno-scientific support of the Fondazione Santagata for the Economics of Culture, the Master also collaborates with an important network of national and international institutions and agencies, including UNESCOInternational Centre for the Study of the Preservation and the Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM), and the International Council of Museums (ICOM). The programme is coordinated by the Consorzio per la Ricerca e l’Educazione Permanente (COREP) and realized thanks the financial support of Fondazione CRT and Compagnia di San Paolo.

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