Sanremo, 21-25 September 2020

The Refugee Law Courses have been developed primarily to benefit government officials who are involved in the formulation and application of legislations and policies affecting people in need of protection.  Likewise, the courses are open to members of civil society, particularly those who advocate for and/or contribute to the protection of forcibly uprooted people. 

In general, the International Refugee Law courses aim at
– promoting law, principles and policies relating to the protection of persons in need of protection;
– developing a common understanding among participants on how legislation and policies can be promoted and implemented at the national level by a variety of stakeholders;
– enhancing the skills of participants in developing and applying policies and standards in conformity with principles of international law;
– developing a positive attitude among participants towards the protection of refugees and other uprooted people.

During the five-day course in Sanremo, participants have the opportunity to interact with practitioners and experts on refugee protection, who facilitate various thematic sessions of the programme. Different learning methodologies are used to encourage participants to apply their acquired knowledge and skills in their country operations in a practical and pragmatic manner.

Course duration: 5 days.

Applicants must be fluent in English.

Applications for scholarships are now closed.


Administrative information
A fee of 900 Euro is required as a contribution to the total cost of the seminar.
This covers the lectures, seminar materials as well as lunch. The first and last day of the course, transportation from and to Nice airport. Participants are expected to cover their travel costs to and from Sanremo as well as accommodation during their stay.

Please consult the FAQs for further information.

Queries on the course registration and administrative questions should be directed to refugee.department@iihl.org.