Online, 28 September – 23 October 2020


The Course presents the key aspects of the international protection of refugees. It is based on the analysis of International Refugee Law and its complementarity with other bodies of law in guaranteeing that the rights of forcibly displaced persons are respected and ensured.
The different displacement phases are examined, by outlining the causes that force people to flee, the protection risks encountered throughout the displacement cycle, and the search and implementation of durable and sustainable solutions. A cross-cutting approach is adopted in analysing refugee-related issues, such as trafficking and smuggling, sexual and gender-based violence, and protection of stateless and internally displaced persons.

Target audience

The Course is developed primarily to benefit mid and senior-level government officials involved in the formulation and application of legislation and policies affecting people in need of protection. Members of the civil society and the academia, who could positively influence the safeguard of refugees’ rights and advocate for the protection of uprooted and stateless persons, are also accepted as participants.


– Promote law, principles and policies related to the international protection of refugees.
– Develop a common understanding among participants on how legislation and policies can be promoted and implemented at the national level by a variety of stakeholders.
–  Raise awareness on the human rights issues faced by refugees and the need for durable solutions.
– Enhance the skills of participants in developing and applying policies and standards in conformity with International Law.
– Encourage a positive attitude among participants towards the protection of refugees and other uprooted people.

Administrative Information

Participation quota amounts to € 750. It must be remitted before the start of the course by bank transfer. Visa and/or Mastercard are also accepted on the website of the Institute.

Queries on the course registration and administrative questions should be directed to refugee.department@iihl.org.