Launch of the “Sanremo Review on IHL” and call for insights dedicated to IIHL members

Launch of the “Sanremo Review on IHL” and call for insights dedicated to IIHL members

Within the framework of its statutory objectives and in light of an increasing need for the dissemination and promotion of IHL and Human Rights, the Sanremo Institute has decided to invite its pool of Members to contribute to its mission.

The Sanremo Institute is launching the continuous “Call for insights on the key challenges posed to the respect and implementation of IHL”.

The call aims at collecting written insights authored by the IIHL Members to be regularly published on the IIHL website in the form of a thematic Sanremo Review on IHL.

The IIHL therefore invites all its Members to contribute to the Review by delivering articles, analyses and short papers focusing on the most topical and current issues of the implementation and respect of the IHL principles all over the world, including (non-exhaustive list):

  • Future developments in IHL: new perspectives and possible integrations to the Conventions;
  • Importance of the respect of specific IHL provisions and/or overall principles;
  • Protection of civilians and responsibilities of different actors in humanitarian crises;
  • The interplay between IHL and other bodies of law: challenges and opportunities for extended protection;
  • Movement of people and international law provisions: refugee law, human trafficking and displacement;
  • International law and humanitarian assistance in natural and man-made disasters;
  • IHL, Human Rights and regional legal instruments: a complex framework for complex crises;
  • Building peace for a better society: in-conflict mediation and post-conflict reconstruction;
  • Stories of IHL dissemination: good practices and innovative initiatives.

For more information on the continuous call, please download the rules and procedures below and/or contact the Institute at via email and mention in the subject “Sanremo review on IHL – Support request [your name]”.

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