3rd Legal Delivery of Effects Online Course


Provisional Programme

The International Institute of Humanitarian Law has for many years delivered general and specialised training programmes on IHL at the Institute in Sanremo. In the current circumstances attendance at such courses is extremely difficult and so, in order to continue its core mission of disseminating and encouraging compliance with IHL, the Military Department of the Institute has developed a number of online courses in the field. The second of these courses will be the “Legal Delivery of Effects”.

Overall Objectives

The delivery of effect is fundamental to all military operations as it is the means to achieve the objectives. The course will consider the ways in which effects are delivered in accordance with the law through targeting, Rules of Engagement (ROE) and the use of cyber capability. In doing so it will examine the processes involved and the way the law impacts upon these. Sanremo is one of the few places where training in targeting and ROE is delivered in an unclassified forum. This course will give an overview and introduction to these topics.

Target audience

The course is designed for military personnel both legal advisers and operators as well as civilians working in the field and others with an interest in the way the law is applied in these areas which is sometimes not fully understood because security classification can mean that explanations are limited. It will be delivered by experienced military practitioners and academics and consider both legal theory and military practice.


The online training will adapt the standard Sanremo methodology of presentations and practical work taking advantage of the recently developed IIHL online learning platform. The programme will integrate live sessions, and practical exercise and case studies. Attendees will have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the subject through self-paced study followed by live working groups and plenary sessions with the teaching staff. The course will run over six weeks with two live sessions of 120 minutes each week and self-paced working between live sessions. Study materials and texts will be available on the Institute Online Learning Platform.

Technical tips

The online course is hosted on the Institute’s Online Learning Platform, accessible via the Institute’s website at https://iihl.org/ (select “Courses”>“Online Courses”), or directly through the following URL https://www.elearning.iihl.org/.

Communication software:
The live sessions of the course will be delivered through Zoom, downloadable at https://zoom.us/download.


The course will be run in English. There will not be simultaneous translation.


The official Certificate will be released to participants who attend the course in full (including live and self-paced sessions).

Application process

Officers and practitioners interested in attending this course are invited to apply by submitting the application form they can find on this webpage.


Participation quota amounts to € 750. It must be remitted before the start of the Course by bank transfer. Visa and/or Mastercard are also accepted on the website of the Institute.

For any additional information, please contact Ms Patrizia Di Pietro at patrizia@iihl.org.