Targeting Course

Sanremo, 26 – 30 September  2022


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Provisional Agenda

The objective of the Targeting Course is to provide participants with an understanding of the legal considerations associated with targeting in military operations.

The Course examines the legal and operational parameters of the targeting process. To facilitate understanding, participants will conduct exercises taking them through a targeting process from planning and execution to battle damage assessment.

At the conclusion of the course participants will understand, and be able to identify and apply:

  1. The purpose and process of targeting
  2. The legal framework and distinctions between targeting ad bellum, human rights, and in bello
  3. Legal principles and framework of targeting
  4. Legal analysis of complex targets
  5. Special legal considerations for dynamic and time sensitive targeting
  6. Responses to targeting incidents and potential LOAC violations

This five day Targeting Course is an intensive course, at the unclassified level, designed for planners, policy advisors, military and civilian legal counsel, and operators (commanders, leaders, targeteers, JFACs) advising on or prosecuting targets at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels.

Administrative Information

Participation quota amounts to €1.000. It must be remitted before the start of the course by bank transfer or, at the latest, upon arrival in cash or Euro currency cheque. Visa and/or Mastercard are also accepted either on the website or at the Institute.

Please consult the FAQs for further information.

Queries on the course registration and administrative questions should be directed to Ms Patrizia Di Pietro at: (please add in cc: