The 43rd edition of the annual Sanremo Round Table on current issues of IHL, which marks the 50th anniversary of the Institute, was held online from 9th September to 7th October 2020.
The flagship event of the Institute, jointly organized with the International Committee of the Red Cross, addressed the issue of “New Dimensions and Challenges of Urban Warfare”.

The event gathered high-level international experts and practitioners who investigated some of the crucial issues regarding the application of IHL in urban military operations, by examining the lessons learned from recent operations, the humanitarian consequences of urban warfare, the choice of means and methods in the urban context, and if a change of approach from the different actors, concerning the protection of civilians, is required in the urban environment.

9th September 2020

The evolution of urban warfare over the past 50 years and its impact on civilians

16th September 2020

Protecting civilians during urban warfare. Lessons learned from recent operations

23rd September 2020

Addressing the humanitarian consequences of urban warfare in the midst of the hostilities

30th September 2020

The choice of means and methods in urban warfare

7th October 2020

Is a change of approach required to better protect civilians in the urban environment?