European Projects


Since 2017, the Sanremo Institute has been actively involved in European funded projects in the field of citizenship and peace education and integration of migrant children in the European education systems. 

Within this commitment the Institute is contributing to the establishment of the Education Inspiring Peace Laboratory (EIP Laboratory) in Sanremo (Italy), an international hub – spin-off of the UPPER project – which has the primary objective of developing research and training activities for the benefit of teachers, educators, students, policy makers and providing scientific analysis and support for the development of education and cultural policies at different institutional levels within the European Union. 

UPPER aims at bringing the values of peace, intercultural dialogue and civic participation to the core of educational policies and school practices with the objective of producing significant improvements in learning life skills for youngsters living in Europe.

CHILD-UP will research the social conditions of migrant children’s integration through social participation, taking in primary account gender differences, legal status and age groups with the final aim to propose an innovative approach to understand and transform their social condition.

CITIZED has the ambition to become, by filling existing implementation gaps of existing citizenship education policies, an effective catalyst of a multiplication process based on teachers’ capacity building and empowerment, and schools’ commitment to engage in the “living together” side of education aims.

Peace Games responds to the need of offering advice and orientation to the education community and to individual learners, by developing a structured review of existing games, based on a qualified analysis of learning objectives achievable, and a community hub to engage on peace-oriented online and offline games.

MUST-a-Lab aims to create a systemic and long-term involvement of migrants and asylum seekers in six European municipalities through the installment of Policy Labs. In this context, different types of local stakeholders  are brought together to discuss and improve existing local policies and integration strategies.