For some time now the Institute has become increasingly involved in research activities, study and analysis. It publishes texts, essays, handbooks and manuals that aim to contribute to the awareness of issues relevant to International Humanitarian Law and its different aspects, Refugee Law and Migration Law.

The “Sanremo Manual on International Law applicable to Armed Conflict at Sea”, which was compiled between 1988 and 1994, still remains the most consulted manual at Naval  Military Academies all over the world and an essential work of reference on a global scale.

The Manual on the Law of Non-International Armed Conflict which was published in March 2006, reflects the developments registered by humanitarian rules at a time where conflicts too often differ from classical warfare between States bound by the Hague Conventions and the Geneva Protocols. It has been now discussing the publication of an updated version.

The Sanremo Handbook on the Rules of Engagement (ROE), published in November 2009, represents the only work of this type which sets out to explain in a practical way the complex procedures and methodology governing the developement and implementation of Rules of Engagement. It has been translated into the 6 official languages of the United Nations as well as Bosnian, Hungarian and Thai.

Since 1998 the Institute has continued to produce a series of publications dedicated to the proceedings of its Round Tables on IHL and seminars.
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