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The Institute publishes texts, essays, handbooks and manuals that aim to contribute to the awareness of issues relevant to International Humanitarian Law and its different aspects, Refugee Law and Migration Law. Here below are reported the most relevant publications.
Proceedings of the Round Tables

Since 1998 the Institute has continued to produce a series of publications dedicated to the proceedings of the Round Table on current issues of international humanitarian law.

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Gender Perspectives

Represents the concrete contribution of the Sanremo Institute to the promotion of gender perspectives with regard to the protection of specific groups of vulnerable individuals in conflict areas.

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Naval Warfare

Prepared during the period 1988-1994 by a group of legal and naval experts participating in their personal capacity in a series of Round Tables convened by the International Institute of Humanitarian Law.

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UNESCO Manual on the Protection of Cultural Property

Practical guide to the implementation by military forces of the rules governing the protection of cultural property in the event of armed conflict.

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Since 2000 the Institute publishes and distributes a newsletter every three months which periodically inform Members, former participants and the IIHL Sanremo community about activities, events and projects organised in Sanremo and in other part of the world.

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