The MUlti-STakeholder Labs for migrants and stakeholders: MUST-a-Lab project aims to create a systemic and long-term involvement of migrants and asylum seekers in six European municipalities through the installment of Policy Labs. In this context, different types of local stakeholders – e.g. policy stakeholders, grassroots stakeholders, and migrant stakeholders – are brought together to discuss and improve existing local policies and integration strategies.

The project, co-funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) of the European Commission, will be implemented by a European partnership coordinated by the City of Mechelen (Belgium) and involving, along with the Sanremo Institute, the City of Modena (Italy), the City of Fuenlabrada (Spain), the Public Benefit Organization of the Municipality of Livadia (K.E.DH.L.) (Greece), the District Council of the 7th District of Vienna (BV 7) (Austria), the City of Pont-de-Claix (France), the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (UNIMORE) (Italy), Karel de Grote Hogeschool (Belgium) and the Fondation des Régions Européennes pour la Recherche, l’Education, et la Formation (FREREF) (France).

MUST-a-Lab intends to generate a concrete impact on local integration strategies by pursuing the following specific objectives:

  • The establishment of a sustainable framework of Policy Labs at the local level, where migrants and asylum seekers may become active actors able to influence relevant policies in cooperation with the other local stakeholders and the local policy-makers;
  • The improvement of socio-economic inclusion resulting from dialogue between administrators, migrants, and grassroots stakeholders, in order to produce comprehensive results through the co-creation of innovative and cross-sectoral solutions;
  • The replication of good practices and methodology thanks to a communicative method among communities able to optimise the existing inclusion strategies and develop new (and more efficient) ones;
  • The improvement of transnational cooperation through a strong network of cities, supported by Policy Labs Facilitators, which enables a fruitful exchange of practices across the different sectoral areas.
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