Transparency Requirement

With reference to the obligations of disclosure of information regarding the organisation and activities of public administrations, pursuant to Italian legislation (art. 14, 15, 22 of Dlgs 33/2013 and law n. 124 of 4/8/2017), it is given notice that:

  • among the statutory bodies of the International Institute of Humanitarian Law there are no representatives appointed by the italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI);
  • Mr. Gian Luca Beruto, Secretary-General a.i. (and legal representative in the absence of the President at the headquarters) is responsible for the administration of the Institute. According to the Statutes, the Secretary-General is the head of the administration and reports to the President. He/she ensures the implementation of the decisions of the General Assembly, the Council, the Executive Board and the President. On 15 September 2023, the Council of the Institute appointed Mr. Beruto as Secretary-General a.i. for a period of six months, until March 2024;


  • For the year 2022, the following contributions were received from Italian public bodies:
    • MAECI, € 20.000 for the project “La complessa attualità latinoamericana: contributi per un’evoluzione positiva”
    • MAECI, € 68.959,41 for the project “Donne e sicurezza: esercitare i loro diritti come agenti di cambiamento”
    • MAECI, € 60.000 for the project “Sicurezza e vita democratica in America Latina: una questione da risolvere”
    • Municipality of Sanremo, € 4.000 for the project “Round Table on the current problems of IHL, Sanremo 7-9 September 2022”
    • Italian Red Cross, € 25.000
    • Regione Liguria, € 10.000

Publication of balance sheets for the last three years:

Code of Conduct (adopted on 7th July 2016 and updated on April 2021):