24th Sanremo Round Table on Current Issues of IHL

The 1999 Round Table on current issues of international humanitarian law, held in Sanremo from 2 to 4 September 1999, celebrated the “50th Anniversary of the Geneva Conventions“.
In marking the 50th anniversary of the Geneva Conventions, the meeting had the opportunity to reflect on the principles they embody. At their core, their Articles represent humanity’s determination to ensure a minimum of respect for human life in times of war. Nevertheless, although these Conventions have been nearly universally ratified, they have been repeatedly, massively and flagrantly violated in too many instances of armed conflict. In fact, despite an extensive body of international humanitarian law, civilian populations continue to pay a heavy price when warring parties ignore their obligations to protect civilians, or if, even worse, those civilians become the very targets of the warring parties. The Round Table gathered together a few hundred participants from the different regions of the world including military experts, academics and representatives of governments, international organizations, IHL practitioners and NGOs which spent two to discuss IHL related detention key issues.