The President visits the President of the Italian Red Cross Rosario Valastro

Last Friday, 15th March, the President of the Institute, General (rtd.) Giorgio Battisti, and the Secretary-General a.i. Mr. Gian Luca Beruto met in Rome with Mr. Rosario Valastro, the President of the Italian Red Cross.

Given the strong bond between the Institute and the Italian Red Cross, as evidenced by the latter’s ex officio membership in the governing Council of the Sanremo Institute, the meeting provided a valuable opportunity to discuss the growing synergies between the two organisations.

During the meeting, delegates from both entities focused on evaluating the existing training and dissemination needs in the field of IHL on both the national and global scales. Building on this assessment, they highlighted the clear advantage of strengthening the cooperation between the two institutions, particularly considering their common international vocation.

In this framework, the two presidents therefore reached a firm consensus on the added value of intensifying the collaborative endeavors of IIHL and Italian Red Cross.