Training courses on IHL and Law of Armed Conflict in Sanremo

After having to postpone its activities because of the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Military Department of the institute is running a full programme of courses from late September to December 2020. This will include some of the courses postponed in the earlier part of the year.

The Institute places the safety of its staff, collaborators and participants in its activities as a top priority during these difficult times. To that end the Institute adopted specific measures to comply with the  “Protocol for the regulation of measures for countering and containing the spread of the Covid-19 virus in the workplace” issued by the Italian authorities. 

These measures include social distancing in the classrooms, hygiene measures and all other protective measures required in accordance with the Italian law, with the aim of safeguarding the health of the participants to its courses. The measures have been put in place in co-ordination with the guidance of the competent authorities.

While the training environment has had to adapt, the content and standard of the courses will remain the same as in pre-COVID times and the Spirit of Sanremo will continue to be at the core of all the Institute activities.

Furthermore, the Institute kindly invites all future participants to regularly visit the website of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (here), as well as to pay attention to any communication provided on the individual webpages of the courses, in order to stay up-to-date on existing travel restrictions, provisions and/or movement limitations.

Should you need any further logistic or organisational information, please do not hesitate to contact the responsible staff member through the email contact provided on the courses’ webpages.

Targeting course (English)
Sanremo, 28 September – 2 October 2020

The Targeting Course is a comprehensive, practical examination of the full spectrum Targeting Cycle and where the law fits into it. The course is one of the few available globally which gives detailed instruction on targeting in an unclassified environment.

Rules of Engagement course (English)
Sanremo, 5-9 October 2020

The ROE course covers the nature of ROE and how they are developed and implemented in different
operational situations. It utilises the Sanremo ROE Handbook to give detailed instruction in an unclassified
setting on all aspects of ROE.

Naval Operations and the Law course (English)
Sanremo, 12-16 October 2020

The course covers the legal regime covering the varied nature of naval operations in conflict situations and non-conflict situations utilising the world recognised San Remo Manual. It is delivered by leading experts on maritime law applicable to military operations and experienced naval practitioners.

Detention and Captured Persons (CPERS) Course (English)
Sanremo, 19-23 October 2020

Over the last 20 years detention has become one of the most complex areas of military operations ranging from international armed conflict (IAC) to non-international armed conflict, counter-terrorism, counter-piracy and counter-narcotics. Covering both LOAC and International Human Rights Law the course examines this most difficult of subjects where the law continues to evolve. It is delivered by experienced civil and military practitioners and deals with all apsects from initial detention to release or transfer.

178th International Military Course on IHL (English, Chinese)
Sanremo, 2-13 November 2020

The Institute’s longest running course (this will be the 181st) suitable for less experienced legal officers, mainstream military officers and others seeking a broad introduction to the field. The course covers all armed conflict across the land, air and sea environments and the legal contribution to the planning and conduct of operations. The course in November usually includes Russian and Chinese language classes although this will be dependent on travel restrictions this year. Participants attend from across the world giving the opportunity for broad ranging discussion and sharing of vastly different experiences.

44th Advanced Course on IHL (English)
Sanremo, 16-20 November 2020

45th Advanced Course on IHL (French)
Sanremo, 16-20 November 2020

Aimed at experienced practitioners the course examines in depth a broad number of issues relating to the conduct of contemporary armed conflict and its development as well as examining the LOAC/Human Rights law interaction and the debate upon that. Among the areas covered are targeting, new technologies, partnered operations and the role of non-state actors.

55th Course for Directors and Instructors of Training Programmes in LOAC (English)
Sanremo, 1-4 December 2020

The course is for those responsible for providing training courses within their own organisations. It takes participants through the Sanremo teaching methodology and course design methodology to enable the to build and deliver their own courses. It is based on the long experience of the Institute in designing and delivering training.

Peace Support Operations Course (English)
Sanremo, 7-11 December 2020

Peace Support Operations are some nations most common type of deployment and come with their own legal regimes and problems. Led by very experienced PSO practitioners the course covers how to train for and conduct effective PSOs across the spectrum of such operations.