UPPER Final Multiplier Event – Developing Peace and Transforming Conflict through Education

The Institute is glad to announce that the UPPER Final Multiplier Event will take place on 27th November on the Zoom platform. 

The UPPER project (Systemic UPscaling of Peace Education pRactices) aimed at bringing peace, inter-cultural dialogue and civic participation at the heart of education policies by reinforcing and promoting the already existing good practices related to peace and citizenship education. During its three-year lifecycle, UPPER elaborated an international Good Practices Report, a Peace Educators’ Competence Framework, a Handbook for Peace Education, and a Collaborative Benchmarking System for actors in the field of Education. Last outcome of the project, to be presented during the event, is the “UPPER Policy Recommendations” document.

Focusing on the future implementation of the UPPER findings in the educational environment, UPPER partners seized the opportunity to establish an “Education inspiring Peace Laboratory” (the “EIP Lab”) in Sanremo. The concept and idea of the Lab, its aim, tasks and objectives, as well as its future role of international “hub” for peace and citizenship education related initiatives will be also presented during the event, along with the discussion of ideas and proposals for the implementation of the Lab.

Interested in this online event?