The online learning platform of the Institute

The Institute has recently developed its own online learning platform to face the lockdown prompted by governments all over the world to tackle the Covid-19 outbreak.

While the Sanremo Institute remains a unique neutral location which allows the free, frank and fruitful exchange of views on international humanitarian law, refugee law and human rights, the current dramatic situation required impactful actions to provide online learning courses on the main training topics of the Institute, with a view to continuing its overall training programme during the hiatus in the Institute’s face-to-face training.

The platform will offer several online courses, workshops and other online initiatives, to provide participants with the opportunity to attend live sessions, pre-recorded lectures and webinars, supported by exercises and case studies delivered by high-level international experts who regularly contribute to the training programmes of the Institute. In order to maintain the high-level of interaction between facilitators and participants – the very well-known distinctive marks of the Sanremo training programmes – the platform will also offer to participants many opportunities to interact with trainers, particularly through dynamic Q&A slots, dedicated chats and thematic forums. A final certificate of attendance will be virtually awarded by the Institute at the end of each online activity.

An online resources library has been also designed and is progressively being implemented and enriched, with the aim of providing participants with the opportunity to visit a virtual space where consulting and downloading a wide collection of specialised international legal documents, treaties, guidelines, and other technical materials. In the library documents are available to everyone freely, regardless of the participation in an IIHL course.